Let’s combine your ideas with our creative expertise to build a website you love.

About Us

Boho Studio is built to serve small businesses who need a professional web presence.

We operate on the Goldilocks Rule.

Goldilocks Rule
[gohl-dee-loks rool]
Never buy the most expensive thing, because it’s overpriced, or the cheapest thing, because you get what you pay for. Instead, look for the option that is just right.

Boho Studio isn’t an overblown design agency or a do-it-yourself template peddler. We just build awesome custom websites that make you look good.

Our Process

Our Process

Initial Meeting

We’ll meet for coffee, talk about your business, get a sense of your needs, and learn about each other.

The Proposal

Next, we will nail down the specifics — pricing, timeframe, options, design strategy.

The Contract

We keep it pretty simple. You pay 50% up front, and 50% once services are rendered. This keeps us both accountable.

Phase 1, The Content

We start by making sure your content is top notch — copy, photography, illustrations, branding. This is the most important phase of the process.

Phase 2, Design

Now we start adding colors, fonts and style and texture. Once this is approved, we move on to…

Phase 3, Development

We’ll code the website and show you a live demo.

Phase 4, Testing & Launch

After testing the website and reviewing the demo, we’ll launch your website!

Phase 5, Maintenance

We offer a convenient monthly service plan to keep your website up-to-date.

Our Work


Ever feel like designers speak a different language? You won’t experience that with Boho Studio. And hey — don’t take our word for it.

When my company went through a relaunch in 2015 we chose Boho Studio out of a shortlist of five different graphic/web design companies. I am glad we did! Stephanie is more than a designer. She is a strategic branding partner who has a fine-tuned ear to our needs. Stephanie clearly understands the vision and mission of our company and was able to create a compelling visualization of our business. I would highly recommend Stephanie and Boho Studio.

Christian Höferle

The Culture Mastery

If Stephanie were a publicly traded company, I would be a major shareholder. She is sharp, intuitive, reliable, loyal, professional, always meeting deadlines, and takes pride in her work.

We get tons of comments from people about how excellent our graphics look, about how good our brochures are, and about how elegant we are in our presentation.

Jeremy Roberts

Church of the Highlands

Stephanie is a strategic partner for our company. She has proven invaluable in helping to define the company’s image to better market our services. She listens, thinks about what she has heard and contributes solid proposals with great depth and understanding. Her creative orientation coupled with her precise planning makes her a great project partner. When we needed graphics to improve our website design, she developed a concept that completely encapsulated our intentions. She sets priorities, delivers on time and is considerate of client expectations.

Devie Dragone



Your hosting is included with the cost of your Monthly Service Plan. We use the best hosting company for WordPress sites on the market — WPEngine. Their hosting is unmatched by any of their competitors (GoDaddy, 1&1, Bluehost, etc…). This article neatly summarizes why we love WPEngine so much:
WordPress Hosting with WP Engine
WP Engine focuses exclusively on hosting, and does not provide email hosting. You may either keep your current email host, or we can help you migrate to Google Apps for Work, powered by Gmail, our recommended email hosting platform.
We use the domain you have already purchased. If your domain name is tied to your hosting package (ex – 1&1), we can help you migrate your domain name to GoDaddy or HostGator.
WordPress is easy to use, and you will be able to maintain much of your website yourself, however we do require a monthly service plan for our clients, which includes:

  1. Updates to WordPress, your theme, and your plugins. This helps prevent malicious attacks from hackers.
  2. 1 hour per month of updates to your site’s content.
  3. Hosting
We require our clients to keep a monthly service plan with us, except in rare cases. Each month, we will review your website and update your theme, plugins & WordPress.
Depending on the complexity of your site, the time may vary, but typically our sites take 4-8 weeks to design & launch.